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About Extreme Flight Simulation


Extreme Flight Simualtion is now offering hardware for your home flight & racing simulator setups.  Over 25 years of home setup experience, we can help you with your own build out.  

Want to fly a full sim?? Come to our location and take control of a FBPT 737-800 built by Flightdeck Solutions.

Come out and fly our Boeing 737-800 simulator. Whether you already fly on a desktop simulator at home and want the flight deck setup to immerse your experience or you are a regular passenger and wondered what happens behind closed doors, we welcome you to fulfill your curiosity with Extreme Flight Simulation.  

The team here at Extreme Flight Simulation is here to give you the best-in-class customer experience PERIOD! Whether you book a flight, play some virtual reality, or join in on an event, the experience is about you. We want to present you with an unique experience that you can remember for a lifetime.

The Boeing 737-8 NG Simulator

Our simulator exactly reproduces the flight deck of the 737 NG. The seats, throttles, switches, pedals and yokes are original parts of the real aircraft and all the other parts are 1:1 scale operational replications that mimic the aircraft systems represented in the real flight deck. This simulator is classified as a FBS (Fixed Based Simulator) type that when paired with the unique High Definition 220˚ wraparound screen creates the 'as real as it gets' feeling. 

Among all its features, you will find:

  • Fully functional avionics: Primary Flight Display (PFD), Navigation Display (ND), Flight Management Computers (FMC), AutoPilot (AP), Inertial Reference System (IRS)

  • Functioning Auto Throttle (A/T) and Trim Wheels

  • High Definition 220° Wrap Around View

  • 24,000 airports to choose from

  • Dynamic weather conditions (visibility, cloud coverage, precipitation, etc.)

  • A failure management system (possibility to simulate failures of many aircraft systems, including engines, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics etc.)

  • Compatibility with VatSIM, ActiveSky, & vAAirlines

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